Annabelle Acord

For this artwork the artist wanted to capture the idea of home. Every year Annabelle’s family travels to Charleston. She painted the Charleston pier to show not only her love for Charleston, but the ocean as well. The artist has never lived near the beach, but every time she travels there with her family she feels at home. The painting is made with oil paint on canvas. 

To follow the artist’s theme of home Annabelle painted her Great Grandparents’ old home. This home is where she celebrated Christmas Eve with the entirety of her mother’s side of the family. Every Friday Annabelle would go with her family after school to her Great Grandparents’ house to visit. Even though her Great Grandparents no longer live in this home the house is still home to many happy family memories. Oil paint was used throughout the whole painting in the realism art style. The artist wanted to make the painting look as if it was a photo of the house. 

The artist decided to paint her best friend Isabella to continue the theme of home. Annabelle has known Isabella since they were in elementary school, so Isabella makes the artist feel at home whenever they are together. The artist painted the background of the painting with thick brushstrokes of different shades and tints of green to symbolize the playfulness of childhood. The stripes of color are to show the fun playfulness of being a young child. Annabelle chose green to symbolize the grass of the playground where they first met. 

This artwork is a portrait of a chef presenting a plate of sushi towards the viewer. The sushi on the plate is 3D compared to the rest of the image to show emphasis. The sushi has a bright blue in the middle to bring the viewer’s attention to the sushi instead of the background. Annabelle made this work to highlight the most commonly overlooked aspects of plastic pollution. This work specifically shows the impact plastic pollution has on humans by the image looking as if the chef is serving plastic sushi to the viewer. The main purpose of this piece is to prove to the viewer plastic pollution not only affects the environment, but humans as well.  This artwork was made with Copic markers and plastic the artist gathered. Copic markers were used to create a 2D visual to give context, but make the plastic stand out as the main part of the artwork. The sushi was constructed with the plastic in a way that leads the viewer’s eye directly to the plastic sushi roll. The plastic chosen to make the sushi roll is cut up shopping bags, pool noodles, and foam packaging. The artist used plastic products people see almost everyday to show how everyone has a part in plastic pollution. 

For this artwork the artist used Copic Markers and different types of plastic. The artists used a dark flat color for the background to make sure the lungs stand out to the person viewing the piece. The lungs are filled with plastic to show one of the problems that plastic or micro plastics have on humans. This piece focuses of micro plastics over plastics in general. A French study shows that fibers in the air are 29% plastic. The focus of this artwork was to show that humans are breathing in the fibers of micro plastics. 

The purpose for the second piece in this series is to show the environment some people live in. This happens when plastic is carried through the water and collects where people live. The man in this piece is in his boat gathering trash that completely covers the water. The mediums used in this piece is Copic markers and trash. The artist used cereal boxes, onion bags, foam, and plastic grocery bags for different shapes and colors in the artwork. The meaning of adding different colors and textures is to give the piece a sense of chaos. The artist created the artwork in hopes that the viewer will realize that the plastic they throw away doesn’t go away, it’s just given to someone else to deal with. The artist wanted to use materials that could be found in anyone’s home to give the viewer a sense of familiarity.

For the fourth artwork in the series, the artist used multiple mediums to create the final piece the artwork is focused around the four water bottles. The purpose of this piece is to emphasize what can come from drinking out of plastic water bottles. The four shown in this piece are diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, and in severe cases death. The background of the image is made with Copic markers as well as the symbols on the labels of the water bottles. There is light blue tissue paper in the water bottles to represent the full water bottles, but the labels with the symbols to show what the bottles can raise the risk of. 

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