Milly Byrne

Portfolio 1

Man-Made Disaster Series: 

This series was made to show how humans are destroying the earth in different ways. This series includes global warming, forest fires, ocean pollution, and air pollution.

Icecaps Melting:

“Icecaps Melting” is a landscape oil painting by Milly Byrne in 2019. It is part of a series showing the aftermath of humans on the planet. The medium used was oil paints on a 16x20 canvas. This painting expresses the meaning of global warming and melting ice caps. The painting shows the ice melting and the polar bear stuck in the middle, unable to move. The viewer should feel upset when looking at the painting because a beautiful landscape is melting away and a polar bear will die. Although the painting still shows some ice and some beauty, eventually all of the ice will have melted and polar bears will be extinct. The painting is meant to be photo-realistic and should accurately describe the effects of global warming.

Water Pollution:

 “Water Pollution” by Milly Byrne in 2019 is an oil painting on 16x20 canvas. This painting is meant to depict a fish with trash and pollution all around it. This is one of the many effects of man-made destruction. It’s part of a series about human's negative effects on the environment. The viewer is supposed to feel upset when looking at all of the waste around the fish. It is meant to be photo-realistic and should accurately depict the effects of water pollution. 

Smokey Sunset

     “Smoky Sunset” is an oil painting by Milly Byrne in 2019. This was made with oil paint on a 16x20 canvas. The artwork is part of a series showing the harmful effects on the environment because of human actions. This painting shows the smoke in the air as a result of factories. The buildings are less detailed than the smoke to emphasize the details in the smoke. The viewer should feel upset when looking at this and want to help the environment. This artwork was meant to be photorealistic and has many details. 

Other Works:

These are the works completed in the second semester of Portfolio class. They are not part of a series.


“Fear” by Milly Byrne in 2020 was created with white charcoal on 20x20 black paper. It uses realism style and intense/chiaroscuro lighting. The drawing is of a man cradling his head in fear of something. This piece is supposed to show the emotion of fear, which is amplified by the choice of lighting as well as being black and white. This part of a series of work about different emotions. This drawing, in particular, is about worry. The viewer should feel this when looking at the artwork.


"Sadness" by Milly Byrne in 2020 is a watercolor painting on 20x20 watercolor paper. The piece shows a woman crying to represent the melancholy of life. It is part of a series representing emotion. The artwork is a portrait in blue as blue embodies dysphoria. There is also darkness in the background to amplify the theme of sadness. As the viewer perceives the work they should feel sadness and wonder what is the cause of this girl's unhappiness. The use of watercolor was to look like tears and amplify the sadness in the painting. The style is photo-realism.


“Ocean” by Milly Byrne in 2020 is an acrylic painting on a 16x20 on canvas. The painting is of a wave crashing. The landscape was a realistic art piece. The viewer should see the movement of the wave as they look at the simple yet realistic design. This artwork was created with how color is perceived. The artwork only uses the color blue, with variations throughout, to make the viewer clam, as blue is a calming color.

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